What is investing?

In  short, investing is all about putting your money to work for you. Rather than just putting money aside, an investment offers potential profit via interest or appreciation in value.  The aim is to grow your wealth over  time, while giving you the financial security and the lifestyle you desire. Read more.


Fundamentals of investing

Whatever your personal goals are, there are some fundamental investment techniques that may help you to grow your wealth.

Basic fundamentals of investing: Read more.


Determine your goals

Every investor is different: age, Income, assets, investing experience and personality type all come into play when determining your risk/return profile. Read more.


Risk and Return

Risk and return tend to be closely related and so by choosing al lower level risk investment or adopting  a lower risk investor profile you are also choosing to reduce your longer term return expectations.

It’s important to recognise the level of risk you feel comfortable with.  Some investors are more risk averse and prefer to invest in safer, low-interest cash and bank deposits where the value of their money is highly unlikely to fall. Read more.


Managed Funds

A managed fund is made up of a pool of money which allows people with similar investment strategies to individually invest into the fund. Read more.