No matter what stage of life you’re at, a well-structured financial plan and investment strategy could make a real difference when it comes to living the lifestyle you want


There are similarities between your health and your wealth.

  • Both positive and negative habits generally start small, develop slowly over time, and take time to change.
  • There is a need for realistic advice. Many recommendations for maximizing health and wealth may seem out of touch with your everyday life. Guidelines that do not seem attainable are often ignored.
  • People generally fear making drastic changes. If you believe you must make drastic changes to your lifestyle to improve your health and wealth, you may ‘freeze’ and just do nothing.
  • In both the health and wealth areas, there is a lot of technical jargon to understand and JK Financial Solutions can help you to make sense of the financial jargon.
  • Going on holidays you have always dreamed about but never enjoyed;
  • Going out for dinner to places that you always talk about but never get back to;
  • Being able to send your children to the school you choose, not the only one you can afford;
  • Taking more time for family and friends, and less time at and for work;
  • Taking more time for you, and less time on all the other things that consume us;
  • Being in a position to look after and continue to improve your health.

Australians are experiencing diet-related health issues such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes more than ever before. Many Australians also are experiencing financial issues such as excessive debt and low savings. Improvements in health can reduce the amount of money needed for health related costs. Lower debts and increased savings can reduce stress and help prepare for health emergencies.

Changing behaviour in either health or finances can be hard work, but small steps taken to accomplish goals are often successful over the long term.

Ongoing maintenance and routine medical and financial check-ups are very important. What may be ‘bad news’ for healthy people is that they need to accumulate adequate wealth so that they do not outlive their assets and that is where JK Financial Solutions can help you.