Retirement Solutions really means ensuring that you have enough cash flow to enjoy the type of lifestyle that you are looking for.

Everyone is different and has different lifestyles so each of their retirement solutions will also be unique.  We will work with you to ensure the retirement solution you implement is the most effective in delivering the lifestyle you seek.

Approaching retirement

You may now have fewer financial obligations than you did earlier in life – the kids may have left home, you may have almost paid off your mortgage and have fewer financial commitments. If so, there has never been a better time to look at saving more to boost your retirement options. Read more »

It might be a good time to reassess your goals and progress with your financial adviser. Often, an investor’s tolerance for risk will decrease if you have less time to recover from market fluctuations and you may wish to increase your defensive asset allocation. Keep in mind, however, that growth assets provide an important growth aspect to your investment. A diversified asset allocation will help you to continue growth while investing according to your risk/return profile.When you retire, your superannuation is likely to be your main source of income. There are a number of effective strategies available to help boost your super during your transition to retirement.

Transition to retirement

If you’ve reached your preservation age and are still working, a Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension can give you the flexibility to ease into retirement by reducing your working hours, while still boosting your retirement savings.

Here are the ways that you can use the TTR initiative to your advantage: Read more »

  • Maintain your lifestyle and spend fewer hours at work. ‘Downshifting’ is a great solution if you still want or need to work but want a few days off each week to ease your into retirement. You can reduce your work hours and supplement your reduced salary by drawing from your ‘accumulated super benefit’ through a TTR income stream.
  • Continue to work the same hours and boost your retirement savings. If you’d prefer to keep working it’s possible to set up a TTR pension and salary sacrifice additional amounts to super to continue to grow your retirement savings.
  • Boost your income. If you have sufficient retirement savings, you can use a TTR pension while you are working to boost your income. The increase income you receive can be put to work by reducing your debt or funding projects such a home improvements.

In Retirement

You’ve worked all your life and now is the time to retire and enjoy those well-deserved golden years. However, you still need to have a regular income to help you pay for bills and cater for your spending patterns.

To live comfortably in retirement, the ideal amount is around $640,000 for couples and 545,000 for singles*, though this may vary depending on your own personal  needs and objectives. Read more »

When you reach retirement age, there are two ways you can access your retirement income. You can either take it as an income stream or as a lump sum, or a combination of both.

An income stream allows you to receive regular pension payments out of your savings. There are a number of flexible options available to suit your needs. Accessing your retirement savings as a lump sum can be an appealing option, however, you should ensure that your savings will provide for you throughout your retirement.

*ASFA Retirement Standard, June Quarter 2015.