At JK financial solutions we provide a holistic solution for every situation, and a solution that fits your goals and lifestyle ambitions.  A solution may include one of the following or a combination of more than one.

Superannuation & SMSF

We offer superannuation advice in relation to investment strategies for retirement planning, funding of pension retirement income streams, insurance within Super, government and tax incentives for retirement saving through superannuation.

Specialist SMSF advice is critical for those clients wanting to take control of their superannuation investments. We offer a comprehensive range of services to Trustees of SMSF to guide them through the operating, administration and compliance requirements of the fund, and to ensure that members’ investment objectives are met.


Retirement Planning

Ensuring your finances are arranged to give you the lifestyle you desire in retirement, allowing you the best overall outcome with your total finances including any social security entitlements.

Tax planning

Social Security

Mortgage Elimination

Cash flow Management

Estate Planning

JK Financial Solutions are linked to specialist risk advisers that can advise clients on appropriate risk and insurance protection strategies, both personally and for their own businesses. A comprehensive wealth protection portfolio can safeguard your financial security and ensure your loved ones are protected. Without adequate cover, the wealth you’ve built up, or have potential to build up, can rapidly erode as a result of accident or illness.